IRIS Gigapixel Macro Photograph from Siggraph 2011, Vancouver, CANADA

Iris photographs taken at The Studio, Siggraph 2011, Vancouver, CANADA.

The photographs shown below were taken by Gene Cooper at the Siggraph 2011 Conference in Vancouver, CANADA. The collection of iris photographs presented here are just a few of the thousands that were produced during the conference. The iris photography activity allowed Siggraph attendees to learn about and try different tools for capturing macro photographs and was part of a larger exhibit of tools and work, GIGAmacro and the Explorable Microscopy Project. The project showcases new tools and technology that provides tools for creating gigapixel photographs of macro and micro subjects.

How the photographs were made:

The photographs were created using a modified version of the GIGAmacro Professional Imaging System. The system allowed for the precise positioning of a Canon T1i camera and Canon 65mm MPE Macro lens. Attendees could roughly place their iris in front of the camera by resting their chin on a chin rest. Then the system would move small increments (less than .5 mm at a time) to bring the iris into focus and capture different views.

Special Thanks:

Special thanks to Chris Williams, Studio Chair 2011 and Pete Braccio, Siggraph Chair 2011. And of course the entire Studio and conference staff who work to make these activities possible.

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