Cicada septendecim. male, female & nymph

17 Year Cicada 7 Gigapixel Image

  • See normally invisible details: unprecedented image quality and resolution, to micron scale.
  • Gather input with powerful annotation, comparison and analysis tools. View and share your specimens and collections online with colleagues, teams & clients world-wide.
  • Complete solution including robotic automation, image capture, post-processing, and online viewing, sharing, and annotation.
  • After subject setup, Magnify2 runs unattended, freeing you for other tasks.
  • Saves money and reduces operational costs by automation and use of off-the-shelf cameras and lenses.
  • Our emphasis on build quality, training and support ensure high throughput and continuous operation for scanning large collections.
  • Templates available (custom ones too!) for drawer scanning - large collections can be scanned without disturbing specimens.
  • Turn-key solution, complete and ready to go - with training and support to match your needs.
  • Specimens are not affected in any way by being imaged, preserving the integrity of the original item.
  • Designed to fit on a standard trolley and will roll through a standard sized door.
  • Compact - folds flat for transport and shipping, improving portability and reducing shipping costs.
  • 6 months parts and labor warranty and 1 year technical support give peace of mind (Third party items included in system carry their standard vendor warranty).

How to Make a Focus Stacked Image.

Making a Focus Stacked Image.

Diagram of How To Create a Gigapixel Image

How to create a gigapixel image, generally known as Stack and Stitch.

Viewer for zooming and annotating shared images

Online Collaborative Analysis, Annotation and Sharing of Images & Collections.


Magnify2 System is a complete, high performance, precision robotic 3-axis linear motion control, image capture, post-processing, and online viewing & annotation system. Lightweight anodized aluminum construction throughout. Self-contained control panel and enclosure with integrated camera power, and control systems. A turn-key solution ready to go, out of the box!


All software configured and installed for ready to run operation. GIGAmacro Magnify2 Motion Control System & Automated Capture Software. Zerene Stacker, and AutoPano software included. GIGAmacro Viewer for mobile / desktop devices (with annotation, comparison, sharing and measurement tools).

Imaging Hardware:

Canon T3i, 18MP. Canon MPE-65mm Macro lens with telecentric lens adapter. (substitute Sigma 105 Macro with telecentric lens adapter at no cost). Canon Macro Twin Lite Flash with external power. Positioning with Dual Manfrotto Magic Arms. Custom GIGAmacro Evenlight Diffuser.

Imaging Computer:

Configured with Windows 8 Professional, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB Solid State Drive, with 22” Touchscreen Monitor. Storage, 3TB Drive.

System Specifications:

$48,000 Plus S&H

Imaging Area/Linear Travel Distance: 635mm (X) x 534mm (Y) x 254mm (Z).
Imaging Surface Area: 825mm x 750mm (6.5mm Safety Glass).
Motion Control Resolution: 4 micron (X, Y); 1 micron Z.
Optical Imaging Resolution: Resolvable detail as high as 1 micron.
Maximum Resolution: Up to 1 micron per pixel.
Max Speed: 76 mm/sec (X, Y); 12 mm/sec (Z) axis.
Bearings, Rails, Lead System: High performance precision IGUS Drylin anodized aluminum rails, bearings, lead screws and nuts (no lubrication needed).
Maximum Dimensions: 97cm width x 83cm length x 91.5cm high.
(Folds to 23cm high for shipping)
Weight of System: 27.5Kg
Shipping Dimensions: (crated): Inside: 110cm W x 90 cm L x 31cm H.
Outside: 107cm W x 94cm L x 36cm H. (2.37m LWH).
Shipping Weight: 46Kg.
Control Enclosure Dimensions: 25cm W x 22cm H x 42cm L. 5.5Kg.
Power requirements: 650 W; 110V or 220V compatible.
Additional power needed for imaging computer.

System Options

Camera Options: Canon 5D MarkII, 24MP (Add $1500). Canon 5D MarkIII, 24MP (Add $2300). Sony a7R Mirrorless 36MP (Add $1800).

Lens Options: Choice of one of the following: (For both, add $1250).
Canon MPE-65mm Macro lens with GIGAmacro telecentric lens adapter.
Sigma 105 Macro with GIGAmacro telecentric lens adapter.

Lighting Options: Backlighting Feature (Add $2200).

Computer Options: MacBook Pro with Retina Display (Add $1500).
Additional Post-Processing Computer (Add $1500 for Windows, $3000 for Mac).

Storage Options: 3TB Backup Drive (Add $200). Additional 3TB Storage Drive (Add $200);
6TB Storage RAID5 System for Increased Performance, Storage, and Redundancy (Add $2000).

Camera (& related software) Upgrades for Multi-Spectral Imaging Options:
Infrared Camera and Lighting (modified camera for IR and flash filter) (Add $4850).
Ultraviolet Camera and Lighting (modified camera for UV and flash filter) (Add $4850).

Custom Imaging Templates (software and physical templates) museum drawer imaging template. Please ask for quote.