Backlight Option for Magnify2

Lighting the subject from the back dramatically expands the usefulness of images. Invaluable for digitizing microscope or photographic slides and negatives, x-rays, semi-translucent parts, or simply brightening the background of your subject.

The superbly engineered flash head rides directly below the lens, on the underside of the imaging platform, on a synchronized carriage.  It provides a high-power flash output that is regulated by a variable ND filter so that the amount of light is exactly what you need to balance your image exposure.

Backlighting Uses & Examples

Histology Microscope Slide

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Eucalyptus Leaf

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Gabbro Thin Section Geology Slide

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Diffusion Panel for Template System

The diffusion panel provides a consistent, even, diffused white background for your subjects. Ideal for producing images that are equivalent to brightfield microscopy and to image subjects that need a perfectly illuminated background.  The diffuser is designed to be used on our pin registered Template Option and may be combined with the Polarizing Option (see below) or with any of our many Templates.