Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Magnify2 make images of.....

We get lots of variations of this basic question!  Call or email us if you have specifics and we can give you a definitive answer.  In general, if your specimen will fit in the Magnify2 then it can be imaged.

The system has 1 micron resolution in the X and Y axes, and 3 micron in Z axis. It can scan anything that fits onto the imaging deck which is 750mm wide. The imaging deck is 534mm in depth, but a large sample can slide through the system in stages, enabling very large specimens to be imaged. The gap under the camera is 250mm.

How long does it take to create a gigapixel macro image?

This is a challenging question since producing each image varies greatly depending on resolution, magnification, and size. In general, it can take just 15 minutes to an hour of hands-on labor for set up; the time to be photographed, and from a few minutes to days to capture and computational time required to process.

Here’s a brief overview..

Setup Time:
Time required for a person to setup a specimen and start the capture process: 15 minutes to 1 hour
Capture Time:
How long it takes to capture the individual photographs. The average capture rate is approximately 900-1200 individual photographs per hour. The higher the resolution, higher the magnification, and smaller the size of the specimen, the greater the number of individual photographs needed.
Processing Time:
How long it takes to merge the images together using automated computer software and processing. The average computational time for focus stacking, stitching, and uploading is approximately 300 images per hour.

What is included in the Magnify<sup>2</sup> system?

Everything! The system is a turn-key unit that includes the fully assembled apparatus, camera, lens, lights, telecentric adapter, computer, software,  online viewing software, and support. Full specifications, options and pricing  are here.

Do I need a fast computer to view a GIGAmacro Image?

Once an image has been processed at the end of the capture process, a ’tiled’ version of the image is then uploaded to a web server.  This online version of the image can be viewed using virtually any computer or mobile device using your standard web browser. The image is viewed in a similar way to, for example, Google Maps, where the user can scroll around and zoom in an out easily and quickly on all devices from a phone to a desktop computer with a web browser.

How much does a GIGAmacro Magnify<sup>2</sup> System cost?

GIGAmacro Magnify2 cost and full specifications are here.

We configure each system to meet your specific needs, so cost can vary depending on the camera, lens options selected, over and above the base system. Talk to us about your specific requirements
Full options list and specifications are here.

How does GIGAmacro provide support?

GIGAmacro provides world-class support. All systems are warranted for six months (some third-party components, such as the camera, or computer, carry their standard manufacturer’s warranty which may be different).

If you need a fix during the warranty period we may, at our option, ship a new system or repair.  We provide phone and email support for any questions you have about your system.
Remember though, that we treasure our customers and want you happy!

Does GIGAmacro provide training for my system?

Yes, we provide training either online, on-site at your location, or here at our headquarters in Napa, CA., depending upon your preference and needs. We’ll agree a training schedule and timing with you when you order your system.

Can I use the Gigapixel Macro Images in print or exhibitions?

Absolutely! We license our gigapixel macro images for most uses and provide you with a high-resolution file from which you can print. Any part of the image can be used for print publications or printed out at any size. Licensing of images is specific to your particular needs, so please contact us to discuss.

How much detail can I get in a Gigapixel Macro Photograph?

The beauty of the Magnify2 is that you determine how much detail you get in your gigapixel macro image during specimen setup for scanning.  The system can go to close to 1 micron resolution, and can scan anything that fits onto the system platter which is just over 650mm wide. The platter is 534mm in depth, but a large sample can slide through the system, enabling very large specimens to be scanned. Of course, large specimens scanned at high resolutions take a long time to image, and also produce large files!

Can I set up my own server for GIGAmacro images?

Yes, and if you have a large collection of images, or want predictable service, or want total control of your images and environment, that is the best way to go.  It  does require some technical skills to set up and maintain, we can help you specify the environment and the skills needed.

Can Magnify<sup>2</sup> make a 3D image?

What we CAN do with the Magnify2  is known as 2.5D, depthmap or heightmap. Gene wrote an excellent blog post on that topic.

We have a prototype full 3D rig in our lab, and we used it to produce the photographs that made the 3D model that Autodesk used in a TED talk (we are featured at about 6 minutes). If you are interested in 3D, contact us!

Can I buy a print of your image?

Yes!  We can make large scale prints of most of our images.  Let us know what size, what substrate and how many images you need and we can prepare a detailed quotation for you.

Can I license your images for use in......?

In general, yes. All our imagery is subject to copyright and we are happy to license for most types of use.  Talk to us (+1 (415) 841-3322) about your needs, we can help you!

Can I download your image of.....

All of our content is copyrighted, and as such you cannot simply download and use it.  We do license use of our images, talk to us and let us know what you need.
And yes, we do look very sympathetically on education use and will try and find a way to meet your needs.

Does GIGAmacro provide imaging services?

Yes, we can image on your site or at our location in Napa, CA.  We can quote you a day rate, per specimen, or a project cost.  Call +1 (415) 841-3322 for details.